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KLo rebel

Kirsten Lowe-Rebel is a native Pittsburgh artist living and working in (Lawrenceville) PGH, Pa.

With a strong connection to time and place, Kirsten’s artwork reflects the architecture and landmarks of her hometown of Pittsburgh. She continues to add to her stock of skylines and urban landscapes with her travels to new destinations.

She learned from working with her grandfather and mentor, in his garage, to hand cut, grind and polish each piece of metal and wood to evolve her drawings into an ever-growing handmade product line.

It was in 2012 when she started using her line work sketches to grow this collection of home goods and personal accessories, including jewelry cuff bracelets, kitchen towels, throw pillows, coasters, wine stops and paper goods such as prints and stationery. 

She also offers custom house, venue, and business portraits, creating one-of-a-kind commissioned drawings for each building she encounters and client she collaborates with.