atiya jones

Atiya Jones is an autodidact creator of abstract organic accumulations. Her work serves as a reflection of human migration, and more specifically the modern diaspora known as gentrification.  

When considering the Afro-American experience within our country, one must see that communities of color have most often been moved by force, for capital gain. Having personally witnessed the socio-economic/demographic shift of neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and now, Pittsburgh, the artist questions how populations reconnect, rebuild and heal their communities. By creating art, Jones creates value. As a woman of color, this is an act of defiance, empowerment and visibility.

Her work is about human connection. It is a visual depiction of healing, finding one’s tribe and building a life as a unit. It is about the magic permeating beneath the surface of self, and the search to find it.  

It is soft, tense, mobile and still.

The Flatbush (Brooklyn), NY native is currently navigating life in Pittsburgh, PA.

Make + Matter is currently carrying the 110 Ruth & Maurice hat. Each piece is hand-knit by designer Atiya Jones, in honor of her grandfather Maurice Williams, a no-frills man. He lived simply in the years she knew him: Classic films, comedy, good food, jazz, and nothing flashy- as long as it worked it was good.

And this hat simply, works.

Styled after a classic watchman’s cap, the crown of the 110 Hat sits relatively flat and close to the head. Intended to be worn with a folded brim, but wild styling behaviors are encouraged.